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About Her

Marina Babic in Studio


With a background in sculpture and a passion for nature, Marina Babic creates miniature pieces of art for the body. She enjoys the tactile aspect of jewellery making and with this approach, she truly understands the feel of each piece and how they compliment the body. Every angle tells a story.

The design process for Babic starts by forming a copper model or carving a block of jeweller’s wax. It delights her to see a flat sheet of metal emerge into its three-dimensional form and become a piece of jewellery. Babic uses both traditional and cutting-edge goldsmithing techniques to fabricate her pieces in sterling silver and high karat gold.

The clean design and fluid lines in Babic’s work have a classic beauty with a contemporary twist. Her mission is to help the wearer express their individual style by putting on a unique piece of jewellery. She provides versatility in her pieces, serving both as staple accessories or a statement at a red carpet event. Babic’s attention to detail, exceptional craftsmanship, and timeless design make her jewellery easy to wear and easy to love wearing.

Jewellery for women who buy for themselves because they deserve it and those who treat them with gifts they will love.